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What To Expect In Your First Maui Surf Lesson

I love this blog by Kristen from fitbottomgirls. It talks about what to expect in your first Maui surf lesson. Here at Hang Loose Surf Club you can expect to learn to surf and have the most fun ever! We pride ourselves in being safe and providing great customer service. Our Maui surf lessons provide protective water shoes, protective rash guards and beginner soft surf boards. All our surf lessons in Lahaina are two hours long. You can expect to paddle, learn to surf and learn how to be safe out in the water. Check out the blog below from a first timer’s perspective surfing in Hawaii. What to Expect at Your First Surfing Lesson 1. You’ll want a rash guard with long sleeves. The boards used for newbies have a softer top, which is great for grip, but not great…

What If It Rains On Our Maui Surf Lesson?

Our surf lessons take place in the beautiful city of Lahaina on the island of Maui. Lahaina is very hot and dry about 80% of the year. If it rains it only sprinkles for about twenty minutes max. If it rains during our surf lessons we do not cancel because you’ll only get wet once you’re in the ocean. There are a couple of times when we will cancel: if there’s a hurricane, tsunami, or the wind is really howling. Take a look at this article below for more information. 5 Reasons to Surf in the Rain Written by The Surfing Sumo Yep, August has let us down again. Despite an awesome start to the summer, we find ourselves staring out of the window at yet another wet bank holiday. So stop moping about and get yourself down to the…

Surf School Maui

Hang Loose Surf Club had an awesome summer break thanks to our many returnees and new friends that joined us for some Hawaiian fun in the sun! Our beginner surfers had a great time catching, surfing, and riding the longest waves on Maui at the Lahaina Beach. We provide protective water shoes, rash guards for sun protection and beginner soft top surfboards. All surf lessons are 2 hours long with 20 minutes of the lesson on land that teaches you how to stand on the surfboard, how to safely fall, and how to paddle through the breaking waves. September to November is our slow time which is a perfect time to sign up for surf lessons to beat the summer crowds.

5 Tips For Perfecting Your Surfing Stance

At the Hang Loose Surf Club in Lahaina, our world-class instructors are experts at not only getting you out on a surfboard, but keeping you upright and smiling. Check out our five tips for perfecting the stance you’ll be using atop the world-famous waves of Maui. 1. Get Sideways! You want your chest facing the side of the board, not the front. A sideways stance is key to maintaining balance. So leave your face-forward skiing stance behind, my friend — you’re in Maui now. 2. Get Centered! Imagine a line running from the tip of the surfboard to its tail, cutting it in half. You want the arches of your feet to be dead-center on that imaginary line. You might even have an actual line to guide you. Lucky! 3. Get Wide! Place your feet a little wider than shoulder-width…